It’s finally time. You have been looking forward to this vacation all year, & now it is here.

You & your friends are going to Las Vegas for a week. You’re super excited & want to do everything.

Well let me point out a few things you can do. We already talked about stuff to do while on the strip. Now lets see what there is to do off the strip. Nevada is more than the strip after all.

1. Take a stroll down to the Neon Boulevard
Have you ever wondered what happened to all those neon signs once they are replaced? They end up in the Neon Boulevard. Come see the history of Vegas lit up in neon.

2. Go ziplining
Ziplines are really just swings for adults right? Go ahead & try it. You know your a big kid at heart. What better way to let your inner child have some fun?

3. Have a blast at the Atomic Testing Museum
Don’t let the bad pun keep you from seeing this earth shattering exhibit. Okay I’m done with the corny jokes.

4. Visit the Mob Museum
Ever wonder what it was like being a part of the criminal underworld? Or maybe you grew up reading Dick Tracy comics. Either way this is the place for you.

5. And last but definitely not least tour the Hoover Dam
Standing at 726 feet high, 45 feet thick at the top & 660 feet at the bottom, & filled with 3.25 million cubic yards of concrete it a opportunity to large to pass up.

While you’re here make sure to stop by one of our fabulous food trucks.

If you are in the mood for chicken wings check out Sin City Wings N Things. They have the best wings in town.

Or if you feel like some BBQ then Ben’s BBQ & Smoke House is what you want. You will think you are visiting Texas.

Either way let’s get together.