Think about it. They are just big delivery type trucks that have been retro fitted to cram in all the equipment for a small restaurant.

Yet somehow the final product is much cooler than the sum of it’s parts.

Ever have the feeling during your work break when you simply can’t afford to go too far to get lunch due to time restraints?

Ever wanted just a simple snack instead of a whole, full-course meal? Maybe you simply need something to help boost your spirits during the work shift?

Well, there’s good news for you! Sin City Trucks have you covered.

Whether you are looking for amazing chicken wings, or the best BBQ of your life you have got to head over to one of Sin City’s trucks.

First up is Sin City Wings N Things.
These guys know how to make chicken. Just wing it. Okay admittedly that was a bad joke. But you won’t be disappointed once you bite down on these sinfully good wings.

If BBQ is more your thing, then you will love Ben’s BBQ & Smokehouse.
Called the best BBQ ever by many a weary traveler, Ben knows how to serve up a good time.

Need to chow down with some great foods & snacks during lunch without having to deal with annoying lunch hour traffic? Ever had the urge to eat food fast without resorting to fast food?

Sin City trucks are the coolest food trucks in Las Vegas

Cool food trucks are easier, faster, & way more affordable.

Sin City food trucks  have Cool food without the lunchtime hassle.

Swing by for lunch today.

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