Hey, you there! Here’s a challenge:

I challenge you to go out & find amazing, great-tasting 12-hour smoked pork & 10 hour smoked brisket from your favorite nearby restaurants. Go on! Go ahead, I dare you.

Give up yet? No? Okay, well, keep searching then….

I’m going to be honest here, I don’t want you to keep up a futile search, that would just be rude. I guarantee you you’re not going to have very much luck. Your typical chain restaurants, fancy diners, & mom & pop eateries won’t be having these delicious items available to you!

What you’ll have to do instead is be lucky enough to stumble upon a one-of-a-kind barbecue joint that might actually serve these delectable & relatively rare entrees. But that’s simply not a reliable enough probability now, is it?

I know you’ll agree with me when I say: good things are rare, great things are even more rare, & the best things… Well, good luck with that.

Our 12 hour smoked pork & 10 hour smoked briskets are indeed the BEST. Each juicy morsel of meat sliced fresh off our famous pork is tingling with thousands of times the wonderful flavors than that of regularly cooked pork.

The good news is the same thing goes for our brisket.

If you’ve ever had it before, you know what I mean! I’m talking special blends of fruits & hardwoods. Maybe even a piece specifically from a whiskey barrel all combined in smoke to form this already one-of-a-kind flavor that only 12 hours of slow cooking could possibly hope to improve upon.

The juicy, soft, & delicious pieces of this masterfully hand-crafted method of cooking will simply melt on your tongue. When I say you’ll be lucky to even find such amazing barbecue pork, beef, hot links, ribs, chicken, & even whole pig roast at anywhere in the country, I mean it.

This stuff is the rarest. This stuff is the best.

And if you don’t find that such incredibly slow-cooked barbecue is all it is hyped up to be? Think again. Most things require that you only need to see it to believe it, but in the case of 12 hour smoked pork & 10 hour smoked brisket, you’re going to need to try some before you believe it! You’re going to be glad that you did. Maybe even regretful at the fact that you didn’t discover us sooner. Most importantly, you’ll be glad that you did.

Simply locate us on our website at www.sincitytrucks.com/bensbbq.

We have our whole schedule listed on our site to help you find out where we’ll be next!

Come on by, we don’t bite, but we certainly hope you will!

Or give us a call at 702.763.5600.

We also cater. Have us bring the food for your next, party, office meeting, or even wedding. We can show up for your Big Game event, or bring a whole pig to grandmas 90th birthday.