We’ve all been there before.

It’s nearing lunch time & you’ve been working all morning sitting at your desk with a hectic schedule & a relentlessly chaotic day to keep you company.

What’ll you be having for lunch today, you wonder? Your day hasn’t got any easier & you definitely can’t skip out on lunch considering you need to eat something in order to keep up productivity. last time you already skipped out on lunch, so you know you can’t do it again this time.

Studies have shown that causing imbalances in your diet can create many detrimental effects to your health.
Some examples are:

  • Blood pressure spikes & drops which can lead to heart problems for your average person & can also be very dangerous for those 26 million Americans (or roughly 8% of the U.S. population) who have diabetes.
  • Malnutrition – skipping meals denies adequate nutrition that your body will likely need the most during those pivotal hours of work. Malnutrition can cause sickness & permanent organ damage & can seriously stunt growth & development for younger people.
  • Slowed Metabolism – let’s be honest here, the reasons why we all skip meals are really because of two & only two reasons:

Reason 1. We don’t have the time or can’t afford to do so [i.e., working too much or trapped in the desert with no food or water (a situation I hope none of us ever have to endure)].

Reason 2. We want to lose weight.

Regardless of the reasons why one may attempt to skip a meal, we can’t deny that at least half of the reasons are contributed by those who wish to try & lose weight, the idea of skipping a meal is a bad one because for one to lose weight, one must increase their metabolic rate. A person’s metabolism is like a muscle, it must be exercised & used to continue being productive & efficient. Skipping a meal slows metabolism because without there being anything for your body to digest, your metabolism crawls to an idle halt.

Well, what are the options for a quick meal that won’t hold you over too long so you can get back & complete your duties, you wonder?

Certainly not more fast food. The thought of it makes you cringe. Sure, fast food has it’s uses from time to time occasionally but not all the time. Especially not every day during work.

It’s common knowledge today that too much fast food is a one way ticket to obesity & health problems, not to mention it’ll also make quite a dent in your wallet. Besides, you’ve already had too many days of resorting to fast food to resolve all of your time issues & now, unfortunately, you can see by your growing waistline that it’s certainly catching up to you.

What then should you do instead? What are your other options?

The good news is that there are better options that are not only more affordable, but also tastes just as great!

Sin City Trucks has great tasting food made fresh from local ingredients. Come by for lunch, or give us a call to schedule some catering for your next big event.