When we think of barbecue, we tend to associate it within the same realm as high-saturated fat & greasy foods such as cheeseburgers, pizza, fries, & etc.  The truth is that barbecue need not be so unhealthy.  There are in fact simple ways that you can use to eat amazing barbecue when you want without worrying too much about how many pounds you’re going to gain later or how detrimental it may be to your health.

That technique comes in the form of the barbecue grill.

You may have heard it before already at the restaurant, if you want to eat healthy you should choose grilled foods over broiled or fried menu items.

Well, the good news is that it’s all true!  Grilled foods indeed are the healthier choice because there’s no extra coatings of butter, oil, breading, batter — no extra grease added to the fray.  This ensures that grilled foods have significantly less fat, saturated fat, & cholesterol.

Because the grilling method cooks the food at a very high temperature & in a short amount of time, there are also less heterocyclic amines that form as a result.  As of current scientific research, heterocyclic amines can theoretically cause cancer, however it’s only been determined to correlate with cancer & not actually be the direct cause of it (http://aje.oxfordjournals.org/content/157/5/434.long), in addition, the tests were based on animal subjects that were consuming abnormally large quantities of heterocyclic amines the average person likely never will.  The fact that grilled foods contain significantly less heterocyclic amines means you’d hardly have to worry about this at all.

In addition, because of the technique, grilling also has its own exceptionally splendid & exclusively special taste that you can’t get anywhere else.  This unique method of grilling causes its smoky flavors, marinades, & fresh taste to amazingly blend together into one awesome package!

However, if one must decide instead to have barbecue yet also protect against the worries of heterocyclic amines, it’s been recommended to cook the food in the microwave oven first and/or turn the meat over frequently on the grill in order to reduce the chances of heat accumulation & dissipation.

Of course, as with all foods, consuming it within moderation which most suits your lifestyle is always the best choice.